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Table appearance - conditional styling colomns

Hello Mike, if I have a dimension, can I do something similar as in a measure with Background or Text color expression?

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Re: Table appearance - conditional styling colomns

Hello Jose - yes - if you mean - conditional styling? - Where the background cell color or text color changes based on a value size?

In your table element - you must aggregate your measure and in the property panel under columns for that measure you have the ability to change the colors for the text and background.

See this help topic here for more information on coloring by expresison.

Here is an example:


sum([Nums]) > 9000, 'green', if(sum([Nums]) > 8800, yellow(), RGB(255,0,0)


I also include 3 ways on how you can reference a color in the expression.

Attached is a sample too a the bottom of this post.

Just copy to C:\Users\<user profile>\Documents\Qlik\Sense\Apps (if using Qlik Sense Desktop) and press F5 to refresh the Desktop Hub.

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Mike Tarallo
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Re: Table appearance - conditional styling colomns

Thanks for your help Mike, I agree this is the right way to do it, IF you have MEASURE in your table, what if I only have a dimension. I will not get the Background color expression nor Text color expression.


What I want to achieve is this...



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