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Contributor II
Contributor II

Table content to KPI


I am trying to analyze our online shop's delivery chain and I would need help with calculating the KPI's.

Currently I have been able to do a table graph to my app, calculating the basic delivery chain KPI's (shown below):

Delivery chain.PNG

The content of the main columns are following:

  • Order number: each individual order number
  • Ordered QTY: Quantity of the products customer has ordered
  • Delivered QTY: Quantity of the products our online shop has been able to deliver
  • Handling time: Time between the order creation date and delivery date (Using networkdays-function)
  • All products delivered: Calculated by IF(SUM(Ordered QTY) = SUM(Delivered QTY), 1 , 0)
  • Handling time below 3 days: IF(NetWorkDays([Order creation date],MAX([Order delivery date]))<=3,1,0)
  • All product delivered and below 3 days:
    • IF(SUM([Ordered QTY])=SUM([Delivered QTY]) AND NetWorkDays([Order creation date], MAX([Order delivery date]))<=3,1,0)

Used data is like this (Example done manually just for the example):

Order data.PNG


Basically the table format is fine for more detailed view, but I would like to have an individual KPI of the last column (showing the total count of orders that have all the ordered products and delivered in 3 days) This is something that I am not able to do with the KPI-graph by myself.

Is there any easy way to show the Tables total number in the KPI graph? If not what would be the clearest solution?



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Hi @Arttu ,


Not sure is the cleanest way, nor it is simple, but probably you would have to do an Aggr on that expression, by Order number.

Something like:


IF(SUM([Ordered QTY])=SUM([Delivered QTY]) AND NetWorkDays([Order creation date], MAX([Order delivery date]))<=3,Count([Order number]))

,[Order number])


Not sure it would work, though.

And I really do not advise using an If clause AND an AGGR in the frontend, because it really takes a toll on the performance.

Hope it helps, if not, please send a sample of the data, so I can try to replicate 🙂



Contributor II
Contributor II

Hello JBerna,

Thanks for the assistance!

I tried the expression and it seems not working eventough the expression is OK for the Qlik Sense - The result is just empty line.

Here's some example file:



I am sure that there is some other more sophisticated approaches, but I am so new to Qlik Sense that I don't know any advanced techniques. Of course if you have some good tips or guides for the analysis I would really appreciate it. I've been trying to Google and read the Qlik Sense support pages but haven't been able to understand too much 🙂