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Table of similar words

Hi, I would be gratefull if you could hepl me with my task in Qlik Sense.
I have table words_frequency_1.Word which contains some similar words or symbols.
I need to write all similar words in another table only once.
Then I need to count how many times was every Word from table repeated in table.

I dont have big experience with script writing in Qlik Sense so I am asking for help.
Thanks in advance:)

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MVP & Luminary

Re: Table of similar words

I think you're probably using the wrong tool for the job. This sounds more like something you'd do in Python or R with one of the natural language processing libraries.

You should be able to get a frequency count of words with the help of these discussions:

You'll then need to replace the similar words with the words. Or just associate the tables. Then you can calculate the counts.

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