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Table which displays 24 hours of the day

Hi all,

Table header should be the hours of the day and the first row should have the count of completions, second row count of signups,

I have a date in format - MM/DD/YYYY HH:MMSmiley FrustratedS AM/PM.

I have a expression for counts : count(course_completed)


but this should display in hour wise when i select a date through date picker.

If number of count completion in 1'O clock is 10 then it should display in column 10.

Please help over this.



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Re: Table which displays 24 hours of the day

I think first You need to create the Hour Field in script as

Hour(YourDate) as Hour

Now You can select the Particular Date & Corresponding Hour also to get the result

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Re: Table which displays 24 hours of the day

Not quite sure what you want, but you could use a PivotTable, with HOUR([DateField]) as the column dimension and perhaps DATE([DateField],'MM/DD/YYYY') as the row dimension - then your two measures.

It would give you the hours of the day along the top - however, if the count in 01:00 is 10, it would display 10 in the second column - not the tenth.