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Table with Dynamic URL Representations

I have a table of numbers that i'd like to display as hyperlinks.  The hyperlinks should link to a webpage that encompasses the number in question.  I haven't written HTML since the 90's...

This is the URL representation I attempted:

='<p><a href=http://dcweb/offenderSearch/detail.aspx?Page=Detail&DCNumber=' & DOCNUM & '&TypeSearch=AI" target="_blank"></a>' & DOCNUM & '</p>'

My results are html coding being displayed in the table, and http://###### as the hyperlinks  (##### represents the value that should be displayed on the table).  It's as if i'm using the address and the name backwards.  Is this even something vanilla QlikSense can do?


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Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi Todd,

in order to open up a web page through Qlik Sense you need only the href link:

='http://dcweb/offenderSearch/detail.aspx?Page=Detail&DCNumber=' & DOCNUM & '&TypeSearch=AI" target="_blank"'

  1. Create a table
  2. Add a dimension
  3. Paste this link: ='http://dcweb/offenderSearch/detail.aspx?Page=Detail&DCNumber=' & DOCNUM & '&TypeSearch=AI" target="_blank"'
  4. Go to Representation. From the drop-down list select URL
  5. You can also add the link in the script. It will create a field that you need to rename. In this case you need to take out the equal sign

I hope it helps.

Best regards



Hi Framacdev, I know this has been some time, but is there a way to change the actual data values in the table? So instead of the hyper link = 'www.google.com', can I replace it with my very own text, such as 'Google'?


Yes, you can use the 'Link label' property in the data properties panel of the tabel. This can even be an expression, so it could be dynamic based on the URL or any other fields in your data model.