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Table with Dynamic URL Representations

I have a table of numbers that i'd like to display as hyperlinks.  The hyperlinks should link to a webpage that encompasses the number in question.  I haven't written HTML since the 90's...

This is the URL representation I attempted:

='<p><a href=http://dcweb/offenderSearch/detail.aspx?Page=Detail&DCNumber=' & DOCNUM & '&TypeSearch=AI" target="_blank"></a>' & DOCNUM & '</p>'

My results are html coding being displayed in the table, and http://###### as the hyperlinks  (##### represents the value that should be displayed on the table).  It's as if i'm using the address and the name backwards.  Is this even something vanilla QlikSense can do?


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Re: Table with Dynamic URL Representations

Hi Todd,

in order to open up a web page through Qlik Sense you need only the href link:

='http://dcweb/offenderSearch/detail.aspx?Page=Detail&DCNumber=' & DOCNUM & '&TypeSearch=AI" target="_blank"'

  1. Create a table
  2. Add a dimension
  3. Paste this link: ='http://dcweb/offenderSearch/detail.aspx?Page=Detail&DCNumber=' & DOCNUM & '&TypeSearch=AI" target="_blank"'
  4. Go to Representation. From the drop-down list select URL
  5. You can also add the link in the script. It will create a field that you need to rename. In this case you need to take out the equal sign

I hope it helps.

Best regards