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Tablet Qliksense

Hi guys!

is it possible to open a .qvs file on a tablet (android or ios) without uploading it on qlik cloud?


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Re: Tablet Qliksense

Hi Alessandro,

There is no native iOS or Android App version of QlikSense to handle opening the .qvs file. This needs to be hosted on a server, such as Qlik Cloud or opened with the free Qlik Sense Desktop on a Windows desktop.


Re: Tablet Qliksense

Hi Alessandro,

Recently, Qlik Cloud add new feature, can helpful for you, look:


We’ve added some new beta features to Qlik Sense Cloud that we think you are going to really like, including the ability to upload your own data files, create and edit apps in the cloud, share visualizations on third party sites, and more. We hope you enjoy trying out these new features!


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