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Tasks are executing manually but failing on QMC Qlik sense

Hi Team,

I am working on Admin project of Qlik sense server upgradation.

I am facing the issue while reloading the Qlik sense tasks on QMC but if try to reload the same task on hub by manually it is executing successfully. 

I have downloaded the log also but there is no error indicating in log document.

I am attaching my log document of Qlik sense failed QMC task.

Anyone can help me to troubleshoot the error.

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If the task can run in Hub but not in QMC (or vice versa ), it is usually because of the account. When you run the task in Hub, the user who is currently logging in does the job. If the task is triggered in QMC, it is Qlik Sense's service account. You may need to check both account have the same access permission. 


By the way, the file path in the log is ... \D$\

It may still work. But it is recommended to create a shared folder, set the proper permission and use its UNC (Universal Naming Convention)  path. 





Thanks for the solution. After checking the user permission now it is running on both environment.