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Testing of Qlik sense app

Hello all.

I am fairly new to Qlik sense (and community), so forgive me if the questions are in some way not appropriate.

I am trying to tackle the software testing of Qlik sense application. There are few scenarios that I am looking into at the moment. We are going to have an application with multiple sheets presenting data in form of different reports.

These are my concerns about the testing.

When there are changes by the developer I will need to test the changes in certain report. I also have to make sure that none of the other reports have broken in any ways. I am assuming that this would need some sort of comparison of the data model? What would be the most easiest way?

When the app is ready it needs to be moved to production environment I need to verify that the correct version has been copied. Any tips on what would be the best way of doing this?

Also info of any kinds of comparison tools/possibilities to compare QVF files would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


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Re: Testing of Qlik sense app

Hi Sami,

I am also new to testing Qlik Sense Implementation. I did not get much details online, but somehow figure out few ways to test it. I will try to answer your queries in below manner:

  • Make sure All Visualizations are intact. Nothing is broken.
  • What have been change - Is it a Visualization, Dimension, Variable, Some kind of Formula, Data Model or Sheet level change.
  • If it is a Data Model Change - you might want to compare the outcome with data Base where you would be preparing SQL query as par the filter.
  • QlikSense is a associative implementation - so make sure each graph/visualization gets updated with the filter that you've added.
  • When the App is ready it would be published(and I believe it would be a Master Copy) - so you can cross verify it with Prod.
  • You can test QVD file only with your application.
  • Common things: while analyzing the result - make sure that there is no Cartesian Product in data model - which can produce an incorrect output, Verify Section Access (Different User will have different Security access)

I am still learning new things in testing Qlik application. I hope my reply might have helped you a bit. Let me know if you have received any better solution for your queries - This will help me too.



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