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Text Object with Link to Sheet like KPI Object

I have a requirement to jump to a specific sheet as soon as user click on a text object. As of now i am using a URL in text object to jump to the sheet. But it is making difficult when we publish this app into two different stream as app GUID will change.

Is some one out there built any thing with Link to sheet on text object or similar?



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Hi Phani,

You could try using a KPI object.  These have built-in support for linking to other sheets (last option under the Presentation settings).

You can add your text in to either the title or as an expression.

Hope this helps.



I know that. But I need same with Text object.

My intension is, we have a qlikview dashboard where in if user limits to a single account we display a text/URL to select to see the profile for that account. Now we are converting to Sense and need the same functionality. I am using text object with URL where in that is not dynamic. Meaning I have to hard code the APP GUID in the URL.

We will be deploying the same app into two different streams, every time I make a change to the template I have to make change twice as app GUID will be different between two streams.

Hope this helps to understand my problem.


Hi Rod,

I am looking for the same answer as the original poster.  What expression would I use to put text in the KPI expression field?  I want to use the KPI object only to link to another sheet, not measure an actual KPI.

The text that I want to use is "Double Click to view Data Fields available from each Authoritative Data Source"