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The issue of Qlik Sense in mobile.

Hi guys.

I have a question when i develop Qlik Sense in mobile. I found when i view the report. If i want to chose some dimensions and click the corresponding controls. i have to maximize it first then chose it. i don't think this is the best experience. So can you guys teach me how can i fix it or explain it to my users?  Thank you so much.

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Re: The issue of Qlik Sense in mobile.

Hi Simon,

Did you get nay help on this? I am facing the same issue.



Re: The issue of Qlik Sense in mobile.

For using Qlik Sense on a smartphone I find it best to write a bespoke MashUp.

One MashUp I created & am well chuffed with exploits Bootstrap to react responsively for phone vs tablet vs table vs large monitor by hiding / showing different viz's for different screen widths, as well as css's vw & vh to responsively adjust font sizes..

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