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Current @ we are using Qlik Sense 3.2SR2 , and under the App Theme , the themes I can see is "Sense Classic"  and "Sense Focus" . I want to add a new Theme under App Theme drop down .I want to add Highvis Theme  in the dropdown together with the Sense Classic and Sense Focus

I have already tried by appending the theme in URL , but I want to know if I can add in the dropdown itself .

In the default-theme.JSON file I see the following
{ "_description": "List of themes available in the sense client, specified as a value and label.", "default": [ { "value": "sense", "label": "Themes.Qlik.Classic" }, { "value": "card", "label": "Themes.Qlik.Standard" } ] }

and in the client.js file I see the following code

t.getAvailableThemes=function(){return d.resolve([{value:"sense",label:c.get("Themes.Qlik.Classic")},{value:"card",label:c.get("Themes.Qlik.Standard")}])}

What I  should exactly change to add the new Theme to the drop down . Appreciate if you could give the steps to add a new theme to the dropdown

Thanks in Advance

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Re: Theme

I am not aware of a way to add themes to that list.  You can create a new theme but I think that you then have to add code to the URL so that it then uses that theme. 

At least that is how I have had to do it. 

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Re: Theme

Hi Mark , Thanks for your reply .

Any one please help me on how to add a new Theme/ custom Theme to the App Theme dropdown together with "Sense Classic" and "Sense Focus" Themes.?

Your help is much appreaciated

Thanks in Advance

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Re: Theme


1. Change Theme.css in

C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Local\Programs\Qlik\Sense\Client\themes\old\sense

2. Add "theme / MyTheme" at the end of URL.

3. Create mashup using dev-hub.

Have you check this?

Themes in Qlik Sense 3 and the use in extensions

More Qlik Sense Themes (updated with 3.2)


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Re: Theme

Hi Devarasu ,

Thanks a lot for reply



Currently in our side the Qlik Sense Themes under App Theme are shown as below


My requirement is to add a new Theme to the drop down as shown below : (I tweaked this by modifying the HTML in the Chrome developer tools


  • The link which you have given below.

  Themes in Qlik Sense 3 and the use in extensions , has given a work-around for the above issue

  Reply from the Link:

  you can, but with what I consider a temporary workaround

  currently the themes loaded in the dialog are hardcoded (so you can't simply add new themes modifying the default-themes.json).


In order to show more themes in the dialog, you have to modify the client.js (default position for the Server environment: C:\Program Files\Qlik\Sense\Client\assets\client\) to include your theme (once added to the default-themes.json).

  Specifically, you have to modify this piece:



return d.resolve(















We are using Qlik Sense Server and the themes are located under


D:\Program Files\Qlik\Sense\Client\themes\old and


the default-themes.json is located under D:\Program Files\Qlik\Sense\Client\themes


and the content of the default-themes.json is as below. It only has the Classics and Standard Theme . But my  drop down is showing Classic and Focus . So I am not sure which file  the Themes are coming from  for my case . is it from default-themes.json ? or some other file ?




"_description": "List of themes available in the sense client, specified as a value and label.",


    "default": [




"value": "sense",


"label": "Themes.Qlik.Classic"






"value": "card",


            "label": "Themes.Qlik.Standard"








Could you help to guide me where to add the new Theme so that it can be added under the App Theme?

Thanks you in Advance .



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Re: Theme

Hi Devarasu ,

The screenshot are missing in my previous post

Current :

Requirement tweaked HTML  using Chrome developer tools