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Contributor III
Contributor III

There is no data In Tree Map it will display the No data in block.

Hi All,


I have a tree Map in that i have taken top 10 customers with respect to A_name, A_name  filter pan is there , in the data some are Null values, in scripting side null values treated as Others , 

If i select the A_name filter --- If Data is there displaying the data in block wise, If null values is there displaying the this message -

The chart is not displayed because it contain only undefined values.


But i want to display the one block and in that displaying the message like 'No data is there'

I have tried number of ways, in if condition i took two conditions , but data is there it will display  one block for others(Null) if it is top 10 values.

I used this code for that 


Dual('Rank:'& Rank(count({<[Customer]-={'Others'}>}distinct A_Name))& '|'&

'Count:'&Count({<[Customer]-={'Others'},Account={"=Rank(count(A_Name))<=11"}>}distinct A_Name),

Count({<[Customer]-={'Others'},Account={"=Rank(count(A_Name))<=11"}>}distinct A_Name))>0,


Dual('Rank:'& Rank(count({<[Customer]-={'Others'}>}distinct A_Name))&'-'&

'Count:'&Count({<[Customer]-={'Others'},Account={"=Rank(count(A_Name))<=11"}>}distinct A_Name),

Count({<[Customer]-={'Others'},Account={"=Rank(count(A_Name))<=11"}>}distinct A_Name)))



Please help me .





2 Replies

For a Treemap it doesn't make sense to show a block as the size of the block is determined by the measure value for that dimension and if the dimension does not have values, it cannot show a block.

Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for your solution.