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Time zones


I have a transaction data. I have a field "TNDATE" which has values in day, time format like


5/21/2015 10:46

which is UTC time Zone default. No I need  to calculate new fields to show Day, Hours, Time (in format of 'HH:MMSmiley FrustratedS') and Minutes

based on CST, MT, PT Time zones.

Please help me out..

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Re: Time zones

Best is you creates a master-calendar, see here to the most common things about dates: How to use - Master-Calendar and Date-Values.

- Marcus


Re: Time zones

Thanks Marcus. The content was helpful. But not applicable to my requirement.

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Re: Time zones

this will move your hours on by 1 hour.

Text(Time(round( (OriginalTime+(1/24)), (1/24)), 'hh:mm:ss')) as Time

If you want to make that hour setting a variable determined by the user try using qsVariable extension to set your time zones then use in it in your expression to calculate date.  

Hope this helps



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