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Tips and Tricks in QlikSense

Hi All,

Anyone has any document w.r.t. Tips and Tricks which we can use in QlikSense.

For example, how to copy number of sheet objects.



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Re: Tips and Tricks in QlikSense

Currently we have the below youtube channel from qlik:

Qlik Tuesday Tips and Tricks - YouTube

hope it might helps


Re: Tips and Tricks in QlikSense

You can't copy more than a sheet  object at once; u can copy one by one; or if u want to copy multiple objects; just duplicate your sheet and delete the undesired ones; It won't take that much time; since Sense won't allow u anyway to create a ton of objects by sheet.


Re: Tips and Tricks in QlikSense

Store formulas in variables. Use replace keyword to replace the formula in the front end.

Using expression/measures is good but they are inflexible. They can't be clubbed together and used with anything else.

So if you have formulas, put them in the variables and store them in a Excel sheet. Pull them together in the load.

Qliksense will automatically index them and you will have very flexible variables which can be used, literally everywhere.

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