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Creator II
Creator II

To optimise dynamic calculation in front end in Qlik Sense

Hi All,

I have an expression working in front end : IF(ISNULL(if( [0PSTNG_DATE]<= GetFieldSelections(Date) and [0SP_GL_IND]=' ' AND [0FI_DOCSTAT]='O' AND ZSOURCE<>'T', Sum([0DEB_CRE_LC] ))), '0', if([0PSTNG_DATE]<=GetFieldSelections(Date) and [0SP_GL_IND]=' ' AND [0FI_DOCSTAT]='O' AND ZSOURCE<>'T', Sum([0DEB_CRE_LC] ) ))
if( [0PSTNG_DATE]<=GetFieldSelections(Date) and [0SP_GL_IND]=' ' and ZSOURCE<>'T'and [0CLEAR_DATE]> GetFieldSelections(Date), Sum([0DEB_CRE_LC] ))

This expression calculation is going out of memory as the data is from 2006 -2019. How can I optimise it? I tried doing this calculation on backend but since it contains manual selection in field Date , I was not able to come up with correct values. 

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Partner - Specialist III
Partner - Specialist III

You have a sample app?

Creator II
Creator II

I can not share data or app.


Perhaps this

If(IsNull(Sum({<[0PSTNG_DATE]={"=[0PSTNG_DATE]<=GetFieldSelections(Date)"}, [0SP_GL_IND]={''}, [0FI_DOCSTAT]={0}, ZSOURCE-={'T'}>} [0DEB_CRE_LC])), 0,
Sum({<[0PSTNG_DATE]={"=[0PSTNG_DATE]<=GetFieldSelections(Date) and [0CLEAR_DATE]>GetFieldSelections(Date)"}, [0SP_GL_IND]={''}, ZSOURCE-={'T'}>*<[0PSTNG_DATE]={"$('<='&GetFieldSelections(Date))"}, [0FI_DOCSTAT]={0}}>} [0DEB_CRE_LC]))

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