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Toggle between Expressions in QlikSense

Hi all,

I am new to qliksense and i have requirement as below and need your expertise.

I have 3 extension text objects with actions.

I have a extension bar chart with 4 different expression.

The requirement is when the user login to app he should see by default expression 1 as nothing been selected

The other 3 expressions should be associated to three different text objects.

whenever user clicks on the text object the associated expression should only get displayed.

for example

default - expression1 only

button1 - expression 2 only

button2 - expression 3 only

button 3 - expression 4 only

could you please help me in getting this done

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Re: Toggle between Expressions in QlikSense

Hi All,

Any luck ??


S k

Contributor III

Re: Toggle between Expressions in QlikSense


what do you mean with "extension text object"? For this purposes I am using extension https://github.com/erikwett/qsVariable.

See attached app if it helps you.