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Top n% in a chart expression


I am trying to insert a reference line into my bar chart for bench marking purposes.

To elaborate, the bar chart uses the measure: SaleAmount,  and dimension: SalesManager. I want the reference line to display as the average of the top 20% of SalesManager. My current expression uses Rank to display the reference line as the average of the top 5 SalesManager, but I need to change it from that to "top 20%".

Here is my exact expression:

avg({<SalesManager={'=Rank(sum(aggr(sum(Sales),SalesAssociate))) <=5'}>}aggr(sum(Sales),SalesManager)

*Due to the structure of my data, I already use the aggr function to aggregate sales by sales associate in the set expression and also by sales manager.

Hope this is clear! Thanks in advance.

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Re: Top n% in a chart expression

If you have QV12.1 and above.... you can check this link out

Recipe for a Pareto Analysis – Revisited

If you don't have QV12.1, then you might have to struggle to get this done....

UPDATE: Just saw that you are using Qlik Sense.... I think you can use the above link to get this done