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Contributor III
Contributor III

Total Function in Vizlib Table does not work well

Dear Experts

Currently I am using extention Vizlib Table to aggregate some biz data


BTP Unship:Rep_Unship_CAL

BTP In-Transit: Transit_CAL

Real Order: BLK_CAL

I am working on a new column [Need Repl Orders]

[Need Repl Orders]= Real Order - BTP InTransit - BTP Unship - @DC Stock

I wanna set it to zero when the result is minus. Therefore I set the expression as below

However, when I open total function in this table, the result is always zero

As you can found in the below screeshot, the result should be 202 but not zero

I try quite a lot ways still can't correct it. Could you kindly help advise how to make it happen?

You could also check my code in loading page as below as well

Thanks for your advise in advance






2 Replies
Contributor III
Contributor III

Dear Experts

May I have your advise on this questions? 




I see you have tried using AGGR with no luck. Here is an explanation on how to use it correctly.

You need to enclose the IF expression inside an AGGR function and use SUM as outer expression. Don´t forget to add all the fields used in your chart dimension as dimensions for the AGGR.

Here is an example:

SUM(AGGR( <original expression> , MTM_field, Family_field))

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