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Total Value changes with displayed dimensions

Hallo everyone, 

the total amount in my (straight) table is changing, when i'm adding/removing a specific dimension (see the screenshots below/attached, where i have used the "Show column if"-function to simulate the same thing):

There's no need for actively selected filters. The Formula for Measure "Lagerbestand (01)" is:
= sum({<Firma = {'01'}, LBVKL_test = {'J'}, [VMI Kunde] = {'J'}>}[Menge Bestand])

Further information: 
- all (relevant internal) tables are connected with each other in the data model (and i checked it like 100 times 🤐 )
- Totals function for the measure is set as "Sum" (not auto)
- QlikSense Server Version: 13.21.9   (April 2019 patch 2)
- The correct value should be around 417.000 (so the greater value)
- Converting the straight table to pivot-table, always show the smaller (most likely wrong) of the 2 values... 

Does anyone have an explanation for this strange behaviour and an idea how to fix it? I need it as straight table.

1 without the column.jpgwithout the column2 with the column.jpgwith the column

3 as pivot (with and without the column).jpgAs pivot (with and without the column)

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Re: Total Value changes with displayed dimensions

Have you checked your data model? It would be nice if the sample qvf file is shared here.


Re: Total Value changes with displayed dimensions


maybe is it unable "include null value" for the other dimensions?

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Re: Total Value changes with displayed dimensions

I already checked the data-model countless times and hours already... 


can't provide a QVF with data (since there is customer data in) and i don't know how much it help without, but here's a sample QVF without the data (and reduced to the 2 straight tables + 2 test-wise pivot-tables)

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Re: Total Value changes with displayed dimensions

i checked every measure, every field, every table, just everything like 5 times to be extra sure about including/excluding null-values (in sight of: the tick-symbol is set in all settings)

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Re: Total Value changes with displayed dimensions

++ UPDATE ++

We have tested pretty much EVERYTHING now. In hope that someone can solve the problem, i wanna share our observations: 

  • We have made 4 tables: 2 Pivot, 2 Straight.
  • All contain the same dimensions and the same (single) measure
  • In datamodel, everything is connected with each other (no data islands)
  • In 1 Pivot & 1 Straight table, i don't show the field/dimension "Kundengruppe" anymore (set "show column if" to 0)
  • Totals function of the measure is set to "Sum"

The one full-info straight table (with showing "Kundengruppe") shows a bigger number. 
The remaining 3 (straight table & the 2 pivot) tables show a smaller number. 

  • including/excluding of null values and/or zero values didn't change the total number at all
  • changing the Totals function of the bigger-number straight table  to "Auto" changes the number to the smaller amount (the same, like in the other 3 tables)
  • changing the Totals function in any other table doesn't do anything


Currently, we think the bigger number is the correct one, but i need the same total value to be shown for ALL levels of detail. Different people need different views, but these total numbers shouldn't depend on the amount of displayed dimensions...