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Track Machine configuration changes and report performance differences

Hi all

I have an app reporting on slot machine performance (machines generate turnover) and I'm trying to add an element to it that can flag any significant configuration changes (made by the machine owner) and then give insight into these changes i.e.

  • What was the change, for example from machine Config1 to machine Config2 OR a brand new shop where the before part of the output table have nothing in it and the after part have the new shop name, machine locations and configurations OR a closed down shop where the before part have all the data (Shop name, machine locations, configurations) and the after part have nothing.
  • Compare measures (example: turnover) before the change vs after the change (daily average)

I've attached an example, in Microsoft Excel, with only a few days worth of data to illustrate what I'm looking for. I didn't add any graphs to the attached example but would like to add a graph to the output sheet in Qlik Sense (Maybe a line showing the turnover performance over time with an indicator (a bar or vertical line or a pin or something) to show where in time a change happened)

The data comes in on a daily basis per machine (as per attached data extract). The only unique identifier is the MachineLocation column

I don't know how to flag changes and then display it in a way that makes it very easy for a user to see the changes that was made and what they were.

Please, can anyone shed some light on this for me?

Thank you in advance


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