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Transforming data following criterias

Hello everyone,

Here is the situation :

  • I have a data table containing approximately 300'000 rows
  • I have a field named idOperation which have values between 1 and 6
  • I need to transform my data differently for each value of idOperation
    • There are other criterias for every value of idOperation

Here is my question, what is the best way to achieve this ? I thought of something like this, but I really hope there are better solutions.

Untitled Diagram.jpg

Thank you in advance.

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Re: Transforming data following criterias

I think I would do something like the following:



     pick(match(idOperation, 1,2,3,4,5,6),



          ...) as New

from qvd;

- Marcus

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Re: Transforming data following criterias

Thanks for your answer, I actually have more than one transformation to do for each idOperation.
The fastest way I've found to achieve this is making LOADs for each case with WHERE clauses.