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¿Translate Excel function to Qlik Sense?

Hi Dears,

I need please translate the following function(Excel) to QlikSense:

=IF(AND(IF(AL2-AJ2>=0,003473;IF(AL2-AJ2<0,25;"1";0);0)="1";IF(AN2-AL2>=0,0069445;IF(AN2-AL2<=0,4167;"1";0);0)="1");"OK";"NO OK")

The last function works in Excel.

Thanks all!

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Re: ¿Translate Excel function to Qlik Sense?

if(AL2-AJ2>=0.00347 and AL2-AJ2<0.25 and AN2-AL2>=0.0069445 and AN2-AL2<=0.4167, 'OK', 'NO OK')

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