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Trying to install a new node on another server and connect it to the central node

 Hello everyone, 

I have installed a central node on one server and everything works fine, now we're trying to add additional node that will serve as a proxy node, this server is outside the domain (but can connect to the qlik sense server), in the installation part I clicked on join a cluster then they ask for the repository database and i entered all the requirements but I'm getting connection error. I tried to change the pg_hba.conf and the postgresql.conf  files that are located in ProgramFiles/Qlik/Sense/Repository/PostgreSQL/9.3/share to allow the connection to be established but still getting the same error.

The steps that are posted here: https://community.qlik.com/t5/Qlik-Sense-Deployment-Management/Rim-Node-Error-quot-Database-connecti...



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Creator III
Creator III

To confirm: you're getting the "Database connection not reached" error? Can you post your ipv4 and ipv6 filters from your pg_hba.conf file? Also, can you confirm that you either rebooted the central node (and postgres server if they are separate) or have restarted all the services including the repository DATABASE service? Finally, can you telnet to these ports on the central node from your rim node?
4242 (REST API)
4239 (from QPS - websocket)
4444 (Setup API - inbound on rim nodes)
4899 (from QPR)

And if you check the ports on your rim node all of these are opening and listening:
4242 (REST API)
4243 (Proxy REST API)
4444 (Setup API – outbound on central node)
4747 (Engine)
4748 (Engine notification API)
5050 (Scheduler master API)
7070 (Logging service)