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Contributor III

UI in qliksense


I need few clarification on Qlik Sense 3.1.

1. Screen resize : When I try to increase the size of the screen, it gets increased but my chart size become very small.

     Here I want to know is there any possibilities when I resize the screen there should be scroll available on the screen.

     (The display size of chart should not be reduce.) 

2. Chat Properties : Like in QlikView we get option of Borders, Minimize, Maximize, Send to Excel & Print icon, is the same possible in                               Qlik Sense 3.1??

3. Adhoc Report : Like in QlikView we have Conditional Enabling for Expression & Dimension, is the same possible in                               Qlik Sense 3.1??

Please I need this urgently, Can anyone comment on this.

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Valued Contributor II

Re: UI in qliksense

1. Are you using Qliksense Desktop?. Try viewing in the browser and increase size using ctrl +

2. Boarders, Direct Print options are not available, minimize and maximize, export the data of chart to excel is available.

3. Conditional Expression can be applied.

Contributor III

Re: UI in qliksense


Thanks for the reply.

1.  I am not using Qliksense Desktop, but in Browser. If I use ctrl+ my browser size gets reduce, increase. I don't want this I want the size should be same and the screen should scroll down like how we view some page on internet.

2. Can you help me how to apply Minimize, Maximize Export to excel icon on the chart.

3. Conditional Expression means how we used it for Adhoc in QlikView, if so can you help me how.

a. SubStringCount(Concat(Dimension,'|'),'City')

b. GetSelectedCount(Dimension)>0 AND GetSelectedCount(Measure)>0

Honored Contributor III

Re: UI in qliksense

1. To  Resize screen with scroll bar you can use Qlik Branch extension. but with this extension you will have to adjust charts according to sheet size.

2. Just hover over the chart you will get Maximize option. And Right clicking on chart will give you option as 'Export Data' to allow export data to excel.

3. Yes it is possible by using variable and buttons Qlik Branch and Qlik Branch for custom report(Ad-hoc)

I hope it might help.