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URGENT Qlik Reload Issue: Cannot Open File

Hi all,

I have a strange issue. I have an app that I created, with the files it reads being stored in a shared drive. The reload works perfectly for me when I load data (Github reload button all of a sudden failing but manual load data is working -- but that is a separate issue maybe?)


Anyway, I have copy and pasted my qvf with the other users pasting it into their Apps folder within Qlik. For some reason when they went to reload by load data, none of the files from the shared drive can be read. They have an error of 'Cannot read file'. Why is it that it works for me but not them? This is not a published app

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Re: URGENT Qlik Reload Issue: Cannot Open File

couple of things to check
1- do the other users have access to the same shared folder
2- check the connection path to ensure it is full network path (not a mapped drive)