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Contributor III
Contributor III

URL Encoding in Table


I am trying to put some URLs into a straight Table in QlikSense February 2020. It seems if the URL contains the '=' sign atleast two times, every following '=' after the first one will be encoded to %3D. E.g. I got following:


[URL]...index.pl?Action=AgentTicketZoom;TicketID='  & [TicketID]

This translates to 



I also tried swapping so:

[URL]...index.pl?TicketID='  & [TicketID] & ;Action=AgentTicketZoom

translates to 



and as third possibility I tried encoding it with Chr:

[URL]...index.pl?Action=AgentTicketZoom;TicketID' & chr(61)  & [TicketID]




Is there any known bug of multiple occurings of the same sign in one URL ? Anyone knows a Fix for this?


Thanks in Advance



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