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Unable to create ODBC connection in Sense desktop

I am getting an error when I try to create an ODBC connection in Sense Desktop:

An Error Occured: You do not have access to a script data source.

I have verified the following:

     - The connection is valid, i just tested

     - i installed Sense as the same user as is creating the connection

     - its a 64b driver, the vm is 64b and the target db (HANA) supports 64b

     - I have other 64b ODBC drivers on the same vm that work fine

The error suggests Qlik cannot write/read to some local file. I am wondering if there are any environment variables (SYSTEM_ROOT, etc..) Qlik uses to setup the connection?

thanks, bob

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Re: Unable to create ODBC connection in Sense desktop


I think you already have the answer?

Unlike QlikView where once you enter the user credentials in the ODBC configurator and test the connection you don’t need to re-enter them in Desktop, in Sense, at least for this HANA driver, you need to re-enter the user/password. The error (no access to script file) definitely thru me off that being root cause!

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Re: Unable to create ODBC connection in Sense desktop

I do Giuseppe, thanks! Do you think it would be worthwhile to open a bug/enhancement on this? I completely understand why the error happens, but the error msg is very cryptic, and I don’t see anyway to debug the problem?


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