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Unable to disable security rules in 2.2

In the latest release of Sense I am not able to disable security rules like Owner Publish, in the previous version I was able to.  What has changed and is there a way to still be able to do this?  I have all roles applied to my userId.

Also, in the past I would create a stream and allow root admins to see it.  Now if an app is published to that stream and I do not own it, I cannot see it.  Has something else changed too?


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Re: Unable to disable security rules in 2.2

Hm. Yes it's. I think the qlik can not be determined with a list of the basic safety rules. And disabled administrators to modify or disable the basic rules of the system security. This is bad. And it is difficult to configure security policies for themselves and now it is even more difficult.

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Re: Unable to disable security rules in 2.2

HI Sean,

Have you given users the standard roles like content admin...etc. I would suggest you to use custom properties as it will give you more control over the kind of access you would like to give a user.



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