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Uploading additional data ?

HI Guys ,

I am new to Qlik Sense and it's going well !!! Great piece of software!!!

I build my first app and all is great . I am doing a sales and quotes line charts ect  . . .

So I used my first set of date until 29 June , but now I only want to add the data for 30 June .

Cant get it to work  . . .

Same table names ect but cant seem to " collaborate " the data to give me the new figures for the month until en of 30 June

This is obviously  a small issue but I am battling ..  .

Any help please


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Re: Uploading additional data ?

Could you share the load script you are using? That way we might be able to point you at what to change.

Some demo data or an example of the data could also help.

May you live in interesting times!
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Re: Uploading additional data ?

If the format and columns are same with the one you are working in. There should be no problems. If the data are well input, you can make some selection criteria in order to show the information you want. It can be done by using a list box or other objects. Hope it helps!

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Re: Uploading additional data ?

HI Onno and Chan ,

Thank you for your advise .

My biggest problem is I cant seem to wrap my head around using the unique" identifiers " 

I have 3 sets of data - Quotes , Sales and back orders .

There is 5 of the SAME fields that I need to use to help with my visualization

Customer name , customer type , product code , product description and rep and this will always be there and also constantly change 

If I generate this I get synthetic keys but my data loads properly ( I know that it is not great to have syn keys ) but it works .

The problem comes in when loading different days data - eg data was loaded from 1 June - 29 June and the app works great but as soon as I import my data for 30 June I get the load data error and none of my data gets updated

Will adding the master calendar make any difference ??

Thank you again !!!

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Re: Uploading additional data ?

Data is not added - but fully uploaded every time - so make sure you have all the data.

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Re: Uploading additional data ?

HI ,

Will have a look

Thank you

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