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Use Hash function to obfuscate data

I need to import customer details into Qlik Sense in order to count them.  When I distribute the app I don't want the end-users to have direct access to the individual client information.

I want to give users the ability to do "How many customers bought over $X", but I don't want them to see who those customers are.

I'm guessing one way to do it is to load the customer numbers as hashes.  To reduce the likelihood of somebody creating hashes of all the customer numbers to cross-reference I would want to hash with some other info, e.g. Client Name, Company, Creation Date.

Is this the right way to approach this, or am I barking up the wrong tree?  I don't think performance is going to be a problem, I'm looking at max 1 million customer records, so hashing isn't going to hurt too much.

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Re: Use Hash function to obfuscate data

Seems like a reasonable approach.

You might also consider using autonumber() which could save some memory (1 million distinct customers or sales records?)

If you want to create hashes, you can also add a seed value, like the reload timestamp.