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Use a common year filter in two different sheets with two different data sources.


I am new to Qliksense and have no idea of set analysis.

I have a dashboard with 2 sheets and both the sheets have different data sources/ tables. The date field is common in both the data source/tables but I don't want any join or union between them. I have changed the names of both fields in the tables to avoid auto join.

Please see the image attached.


My question is how can I use the same filter to be applicable to Table B.

Sheet states are the same for sheet A and sheet B


2 Replies

There are ways to handle them

1) Alternate states?

2) Loading model in this way

Load DateField, DateField as A1, ...;


Load DateField, DateField as A2, ...;

Now, You can use A1 in sheet1 and A2 in Sheet2 etc.

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Thank you for replying.

1) My filter state is same as Sheet A and Sheet B. Still filter is not applied to sheet B.

2) I have loaded the data in this way only. I do not want to have two filters..only one filter which when selected changes the output of both sheets A and B.