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Partner - Contributor II
Partner - Contributor II

User Wiser Bookmark Restriction in qliksense

Hello Experts,

I need to restrict the visibility of bookmark which was created by another users.

Current Scenario : Consider two users(User1 & User2) having access for the same app. If User1 creates a bookmark called "BM1", User2 able to see this bookmark.

Expectation : Consider two users(User1 & User2) have access for the same app. If User1 creates a bookmark called "BM1", It should not visible to User2 . 

If User2 creates a bookmark that should not visible to User1.

Kindly help to achieve this.


Thank in advance by Jai


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By default, if a user makes a bookmark on a published app, only they can see it under "My bookmarks".

Other users can not see unpublished bookmarks by another user. 

Only if a user has publish rights should they be able to publish a bookmark to the "Community bookmarks" making it available for other users.