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User input prompts

I have an  qlik sense app that uses an oracle sql query in the data load editor as the data source that originally had date prompts like this SALES_DATE BETWEEN TO_DATE (:tdate, 'mm/dd/yy')

AND TO_DATE (:edate, 'mm/dd/yy'))  How can I make this prompt function in Qlik Sense?


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Re: User input prompts


back end:

you can try like below

Load *

from table

where Sales_Date>=$(vDate) and Sales_Date<=$(vDate)

Front end:

you search like below


ps: $(vDate) is the variable or you can just use the actual date field also.

also check this extension




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Re: User input prompts

I am using an odbc connection using an oracle driver and it does not seam to recognize any of the syntax such as Load I can replace load with Select and it works but does not like the variable for date selection.



Re: User input prompts

You don't have any prompting of dates that you do while running a load script directly.

However you can use "On Demand App for Big Data" (secret: it can be used for more than just big data) to create a selection app (doing the prompting/selection) which can be used as input to a template app that use the parameters from the selection app.