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Contributor III
Contributor III

Using ColorMix2 with range greater than 100% and lower than -100%

Hi, I am trying to get a color gradient on my Click column.

I have the color gradient anything between -100%  and 100% however, anything greater or less than that range I am not able to get a color associated to it. 

This is the formula i am currently using.

/sum({$<WeekName=, Year=,Week={"$(=$(vPriorLastFullWeek))"},IsBrand=,Program=,Engine=,Device=,Category=,SharedDMA=>}Click)-1),Lightred(),Lightgreen(),white()),
if(match(only({1}Period),'YoY')>0,ColorMix2((sum({$<WeekName=, Year=,Week={"$(=$(vLastFullWeek))"},IsBrand=,Program=,Engine=,Device=,Category=,SharedDMA=>}Click)
/sum({$<WeekName=, Year=,Week={"$(=$(vLastFullWeekPriorYear))"},IsBrand=,Program=,Engine=,Device=,Category=,SharedDMA=>}Click)-1),lightred(),lightgreen(),white())))

I also attached a picture for reference of the output of my table. 

Can someone please help?

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