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Using EnigmaJS to load qliksense visualization objects in qliksense.

I was using qlik capability api to get the visualization objects in my application. Then i needed jwt authentication for which i used EnigmaJS. Now i am able to get the objects from qlik sense but i am not able to bind it to html.

using capability api:
window as any).require(
             (qlik=> {
 app = this.openAppByName(qlikqlikName);// this returns the qlik app
app .getObject(viewIdqlikId);  // this gets and loads the vis object in the html
// viewid is html div id and qlikid is object id
using enigmaJS: 
this.session.open().then((global=> {

      return global.getDocList().then((list=> {
        const apps = list.map((app=> `${app.qDocId} (${app.qTitle || 'No title'})`).join(', ');
        global.openDoc('04c1ff19-2403-4dea-aa20').then((app: any=> {
          this.app = app;
          app.getObject('pFJPTp');  // this returns the object but does not bind to html
      // this.session.on('closed', data => console.log('closed:', data));


Is there any way through which i could use enigma method to load the visualization in the html app?

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