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Using FirstSortedRow in the BAR section of a stacked bar chart.


I have three tables. A member table, a Member Category and a Rule table.


UniqueID, Name


UniqueID, date, Rule


Rule, CategoryName


My calculation which is working fine in a table takes the most recent Category Name per Member is:

=FirstSortedValue (   {< date= {"<$(vEndDate)"}  >}  CategoryName, - date )


Attachment Image, "Capture":

I have shown what one Member's stacked bar chart looks like when I just add CategoryName as the Bar section. (1) It is however incorrect to display the data from anything other than the most recent CategoryName.

However I want to only use the most recent as the bar, not all of the CategoryName. So I used the following calculation, however it shows CategoryName as null and doesn't show the most recent CategoryName ?! (2)


=AGGR(FirstSortedValue (   {< dteEffectiveDate = {"<$(vEndDate)"}  >}  txtCategoryName , - dteEffectiveDate  ), MemberID  )


What could be causing this? Is the AGGR the problem? I searched the forum but only seem to be seeing advice on sorting the bars, not specific to my situation.





2 Replies

I am not really sure I understand your description of the problem, do you think you can provide a sample to look at and the output you are expecting to see from it?


Hi Sunny

Thanks for taking a look. It is a bit confusing, maybe I should remove the post.

Essentially I had a stacked bar chart.

The STACK was the following formula: =if(Age('$(vEndDate)', dteDOB) < 18 , '< 18', if( Age('$(vEndDate)', dteDOB) < 30 , '18 - 29' , if( Age('$(vEndDate)', dteDOB) < 40 , '30 - 39' , if( Age('$(vEndDate)', dteDOB) < 50 , '40 - 49', if( Age('$(vEndDate)', dteDOB) < 60 , '50 - 59', if( Age('$(vEndDate)', dteDOB) < 65 , '60 - 65','65+')))))) 

The BAR formula:  AGGR(FirstSortedValue ( {< dteEffectiveDate = {"<$(vEndDate)"} >} txtCategoryName , - dteEffectiveDate ), MemberID )

The measure looked for Active Members.


My chart was a complete mess and didn't look right, turns out all that needed to change was the colour by. I was colouring just by txtCategoryName, hence the mess. Took me so long to realise.

The fix, colour by the full expression above for BAR.

Thanks again for responding!