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Using Maps in Qliksense

Hi ,

I have a table that shows Country Code, Year Month, Total Bookings and eCom Bookings

As I am trying to create a Visual here , I want to know how well we could bring the below 2 visuals:

1. How Can I show Country wise Bookings separating them between eCOm and other Bookings, Please note that I do not have row wise flag to differentiate the bookings I only have columnar data showing Total Bookings(incl Ecom Bookings) and Ecom Bookings

2. Also I would like to show a bar graph with Total Bookings Scale as 100% and then show %of eCom bookings as a part of whole across YearMonth.

Please share your ideas , also any other visual prospect ideas are welcome in this regard

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Re: Using Maps in Qliksense

Hi Anushree,

  1. You can get two measures and then you can see the differences
    1. Measure Total Bookings - Ecom bookings
    2. Measure Ecom bookings
  2. Creating the 100% bar can be done fairly easily, see this video



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