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Using measures as dimensions in Pivot Table

Dear all,

I have the following problem, shown below in the table: I am currently using a Pivot Table in Qlik Sense and I would like to be able to alternate between two measures, being Base Currency and Local Currency. Basically I would like to use these two columns as a dimension (which I am currently already using for dates and portfolio numbers).

Using ''alternate measures'' unfortunately doesn't work for pivot tables and I read some stuff about QsVariable // using inlines, but I'm not exactly sure if that applies to this example, since I want to vary between two different columns of values. Looking forward to your contributions.



CompanyTransaction TypeBase CurrencyLocal CurrencyCountry
Company ADividend Received1,0002,500ARGENTINA
Company BDividend Received2,0002,250USA
Company CDividend Received3,0009,000AUSTRALIA
Company DDividend Received4,00026,000KUWAIT
Company EDividend Received5,0005,000NETHERLANDS
Company FDividend Received6,0006,000GERMANY
Company GDividend Received7,000111,000SOUTHKOREA
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