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Contributor II
Contributor II

Values not combining on joined tables

Hi everyone,

I am experiencing an issue where I have created a table chart and even though my campaign_name dimension value shares the same name, it is not being grouped together. Below is an example of what it looks like:


I have tables joined together through a date and a dimension called 'campaign_name'. In one of the tables - lets call it table1 - I created a field called 'campaign type' which is based on an ifnull expression based on a field which i'll call 'specialid'. 

The table that I have joined it too - lets call it table2 - does not have 'specialid' in it which is why I think the 'campaign_name' value is separated in the table whenever there are no values in a measure from the table1 source.

Can someone please let me know how I can combine these together as it should only be showing as one campaign? Would I need to map special_id somehow onto the table2 source?


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