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Variables in set analysis

I have some doubts regarding the use of variables when they refer to a field. Inside my script I have 2 catalogs that contain exactly the same information but that point to 2 different transactional tables (We did this because of modeling issues and loops that arose from relationships). So to be able to make calculations in a set analysis with both tables we opted for the use of Variables, where the selection of “Fraction” is equal to “Fractions2.Fraction”, as mentioned above, these fields contain the same information. The result is in a certain way as we expected, the selection does it correctly, but this has several drawbacks:
1. The table does not show data if a previous selection is not made (We need it to show the entire universe as if it were a normal table).
2. If more than one field is selected, the variable stops working.
3. If more than one variable is defined in the set analysis, it is necessary to make a selection of all the variables defined in the set analysis so that it can display a visualization.

Is it possible that we can solve the back points with something additional in the definition of the variables? I hope you can help us with this situation, it is impossible for me to attach the application as it weighs a lot.

Additional attachment ss of how the variable is defined and how we use it within the set analysis.

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