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Version Control in Qlik Sense


I have a team that works on one Qlik sense application.

I would like to implement version control in qlik sense, (git) but I have a problem that qlik sense application produce qvf files, witch are binary.

This is problem for 2 reasons.

- We can't work on same application at the same time : we can't merge at the end because we end up with different binary.

- We have even trouble with n applications, each for developer. The idea was, that each developer "create" own application, and the pull others from git, and copy paste new stuff. The problem is that with opening applications, you change binary, so you push changed app from others.

We know how to (badly and not user friendly) solve second one, but we still have problem with first.

Do any one have the same problems? Do anyone know libraby/extension for git?

Thank you,

Marko Z

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Re: Version Control in Qlik Sense

Hi Marko, it's a common problem that we face too. What we do is just follow the QDF proposed solution to handle that, but in addition you can use Git LFS to handle your binary files (Gitlab has 10Gb free for that purpose)

Some useful links:

QDF Integrated Development Environment (IDE) here they use SVN but you can apply the same principle to Git.

Qlik Deployment Framework

Hope it helps,



Re: Version Control in Qlik Sense

Hi Marko

Merge on QS file is not possible. Don't know if you have reviewed WIP from www.ebiexperts.com? It's a comprehensive lifecycle management solution for QlikView and Qlik Sense files.


Kind Regards


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Re: Version Control in Qlik Sense

Hello Zadravecm!

I have the same trouble. And I think that this one must resolve developers of QlikSense. Have the team of Qlik offer us decision!

Re: Version Control in Qlik Sense

Hi All,

We have a solution that solves all of your problems. We tackle things like:

  • Version Control
  • Development Process
  • Promotion Process / Workflow
  • Task support
  • Extension, Mashup, Widget support
  • Multi Developer support
  • Visualize your app dependencies
  • Track changes for testing
  • Lifecycle and Governance
  • Release Management
  • Restore a previous version
  • Power of Metadata/Global Search

For more info visit our website: www.platformmanager.com