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Is there a best practice to keep versions of a dashboard in case you need to restore?

Currently as soon as you publish by replacing the current version is gone and replaced by the new version.  I am not aware of any way to get back to the replaced version if something is wrong.

I was thinking that it might be best to publish to a test stream first. 

After testing is complete then publish from there to the stream where the app is located and remove the version from Test.

Does anyone have any thoughts or a process that they use that seems to work?


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Re: Versioning


You can set a variable in the script with the version & same can used in the UI in the text box you can call the value of the variable

For Example:

in script:

SET vVersion = '2.1';

and in the UI in text box:

='Version: ' & vVersion & ')'

hope this will be helpful

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Re: Versioning


If your planning to publish the app to the streams,

Make sure u create duplicate a copy  and publish..

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