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I beginner in Qlik Sense, can you help me

2017-02-20 06_08_04-soalan.xlsx - Excel.png

I want to calculate and show in pie chart, if i select any UNIT and need to compare same UNIT=OLD_UNIT.

For example i select unit1 in department A:

1) show GROUP count by STAFF_ID where if i select an@y unit getfieldselections(UNIT) and if UNIT=OLD_UNIT

2) show DEPARTMENT count by STAFF_ID where count all STAFF_ID except unit1 in department A.

getNotfieldselections(UNIT) and if UNIT=OLD_UNIT

And what should i put in Dimensions and Measure field?


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Re: View Current Selected Field

I am not 100% sure what the expect output you are looking to get. Would you be able to share numerical result you are hoping to see when you select Unit1. Also, are you selecting Department A also or just Unit1?