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Visualisation: Filtering with variables, wildcards and bookmarks

Hi, there,

I've some telefon data with connections from origination number to called number. I would like to create a filter using wildcards that can pick up data having either originations number=$(vSearch_number) or called number = $(vSearch_number). For example Search_number may be '*435*'

How is to start with this?

For a  single fields with bookmarks, input box and button I've got a solution as long as there are no wildcards and the number is matching something. Is there a posibility to do the job in simular way?

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Creator II
Creator II

I think you already have the solution. If you want to use wildcards in your button, assuming it uses the input value from your vSearch_number variable, you simply have to turn it into a string.

Like: '$(vSearch_number)'



Hi, Almen,

thanks. fu.., I tried to try it, after killing the bookmark for change (what I shouldn't have done),
I don't get the formula in the field-search again to create the bookmark 😞


best regards



got something. Now I use a filter widget in addition, but can't learn the bookmark to use the actual variable value 😞
Hier is, what I did:
- Load Telefondata,
- create an InputBox to set the veriable vSuchNummer
- create a Table with its fields,
- create a button with actions set variable and use Bookmark
- create a filter-widget with dimension: =IF(WILDMATCH(AnruferNummer,'$v(SuchNummer)'),
   AnrufNummer='$(vSuchnummer)', AngerufenenNummer='$(vSuchNummer)')
- then I choosed a Number in the running sheet and create the bookmark
   unforunatly these bookmark now uses the same value every time 
   (It automaticly creates the formula and do not allow me to edit it 😞 )

Any suggestions 🙂