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Visualization failed to render


I am trying to build a chart with a expression which returns me the top 2 products without using the Top/bottom properties.

I have 2 dimensions in the chart.

But the chart shows error message  "visualization failed to error" when there is no data for 1 dimension.

I think It would be better if it shows No data to display instead of that error message.

And I think there is no way to change error message.

So I just wanted to know If there is some way through which I can avoid that error message.

Or Is there another way to modify my expression to achieve desired result.

I have attached sample file.

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Re: Visualization failed to render


I think i solved your problem try to use this  ='$(Dimension)'   exactly same way i typed . It worked for me , i typed it for your first dimension you had [$(=Dimension)] before . 

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