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Vizlib Pivot hiding columns

Hello everyone,

currently I'm working on a Dashboard via Qlik Sense and created a vizlib pivot table. 


What I try or want to do:

1.) I want to display only the three relevant certification types (DIN EN 15085, AS9100C, IRIS) and not all 100 certificates. I want to hide the other certifications. 


I tried to sort the relevant certificates, so that I can see them at the first row (seems to work not right):

=match(CERTIFICATION_NAME, 'IRIS', 'DIN EN 15085', 'AS9100C', 0)


2.) I want to make the expiry date like the traffic light systems with green (Expiry date is still valid), orange (expires soon), red (is already expired) color --> See the screenshot. Where the '-' is standing is the date. 


I would be happy to receive any help. I already searched on youtube, google and here in the forum for some solutions without any success.


Thanks in advance and Best wishes

1 Reply

for the first point may be try below

pick(match(CERTIFICATION_NAME, 'IRIS', 'DIN EN 15085', 'AS9100C'),'IRIS', 'DIN EN 15085', 'AS9100C')

second point I can't understood clearly