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Want to show null values

     Hi Guys,

I have a reqiurement  like below,

If you selected a fiscal year = 2018 , (Jun-17 to Nov-17 as of now)

The bar chart will show the values from jun 17 to nov 17. Even any of the month doesn't contain values it will show zero.

But, If i selected any value from Donut it will show only Aug,Oct,Nov. Rest of the months was disappeared.

Here is my expression.

Before Click the Donut the below expression working

Count({$<[Group]={'xsdssds'}>} DISTINCT Record)

+ 0*Count(DISTINCT Record)

After click the the donut some of the months was not displayed12.PNG13.PNG

1 Reply

data handling  tick include null values and  

in dimension tab also  tick show null values