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We need Better Qlik Sense!

Qlik sense is a really good application for BI, but it also makes me really frustrated! Many time i try to do something there's a wall.....I can't change font style, font size, only 12 color to choose(or I'll have to look for RGB code) or when i try to resize a chart, i will lose legend or X axis! (It's all necessary element!), and the readability of chart function is.....

But the worst nightmare is IT"S NOT STABLE!!!!!

My app crashed twice, lost everything.....and there's no automatic backup, so now I gotta write script to do that by myself! There are also other stability problems when I try to: save app after data loading, export PDF or PPT, debug dataloading scripts.

Again, Qlik Sense is a really good application, I have been use it in my daily work for 2 months. I really wish a better version can come out soon......

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Re: We need Better Qlik Sense!

I agree with you and for any other requirement you need to use extensions which are not supported by Qlik and nobody is sure if they work in production and in reals time scenarios I mean like in daily reports etc..



Re: We need Better Qlik Sense!

Thank you both for your feedback.  I am glad you are both regular users of Qlik Sense.  We are constantly improving Qlik Sense and have committed to releasing a new version three times a year.  You will be seeing Qlik Sense 3.0 before the month is out.  Two of the things on the roadmap are additional control over colour and font, and adding more visualisations.

willsun1984 based on your comments, I believe you are using Qlik Sense Desktop.  Qlik Sense was designed from a touch and web first point of view so it will work well on any device of any screen size via a web browser (the desktop is actually a little server with a web browser wrapped around it).  Therefore the charts are responsive to the available screen size so all visualisations are optimized for the available space (and it will change if you change devices or the windows size).   Keep in mind you can always expand a chart to full screen if you need to see more detail about the chart.  With respect to saving, when using Qlik Sense online (i.e. Qlik Sense Enterprise or Qlik Sense Server) everything is saved automatically, perhaps one of these products will fit your needs better (Qlik Sense Cloud Basic is free).

gompa786 yes it would be great if it was possible for Qlik to create and support all the possible visualizations our users want.  However since that is not possible, I think it is great we enable and encourage other to extend Qlik Sense. This creates a large community extending Qlik Sense at a rate much faster and Qlik could do alone.  We do roll in the ideas we can (we don't always own the IP) and some of our partners support the extensions they have created.  For example Qlik Sense 3.0 is targeted to have a new capability called Widgets, which was originally an extension called QWidgets.

Again thank you both for your feedback.  I can assure you we are listening and we are constantly working to improve Qlik Sense.



Re: We need Better Qlik Sense!

Hi Josh,

Good to see Qlik are listening and response to these points. 

What I miss  as a developer on QlikView for many years is the ability to "Save As" and control the version of the solution I am developing in Sense.

In QlikView it is simple to move a QVW to a new version number simply by saving to a new filename that has a different version number on any major (or minor) change to an app. If I hit a dead end in development, then rolling back is simply a case of opening the earlier version and off we go again.

In Sense creating a new QVF version requires me to copy the app outside the Sense environment, rename the new file, open the renamed file and manually edit the app title to identify the new version.  A "Save As" option would make this trivial.

I don't want automatic creation of version files, as this option in QlikView creates versions at irrelevant points in the development cycle.

Please give us a Save As option!

- Colin

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