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WeekEndDate is not showing in Sequence


Could any one help me. I have a bar graph with Di mention as Month and Year and Alternate Dimention as WeekEnd Date

When I select WeekEndDate the dates are not in sequence or chronological order. Have not done any sorting by default its in Auto.

Not sure why the dates are not in sequence.

Have put the screen shots for reference.

Your help will be highly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.


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Re: WeekEndDate is not showing in Sequence

They're probably being sorted in load order.

Try changing the Sorting to explicitly be Numeric.

Also, verify that WeekEndDate is actually being loaded as a date object and not just as a string.

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Re: WeekEndDate is not showing in Sequence

I am not sorting in load editor.

here is how I have used in Load editor

Date([OpenWeekEndDate]) AS [OpenWeekEndDate]

By changing the Sorting to Numeric also the dates are not falling in sequence.

Thank you,

Rekha J. v.