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What can Qlik Sense do?

Hi everyone,

I am new to Qlik Sense and have played with uploading some data extracts, linking data and creating a few apps to visualize the data. I have also just found out how to do pivot table in Qlik Sense, as a visualization.

In my work I use Excel to do a lot of stuff such as creating pivot tables, calculating rates, creating charts etc.

What I wonder is whether Qlik Sense can replace Excel in these functions. For example, I often need to calculate staff numbers broken down by different units within my organisation, then calculate number of incidents per staff number by units. In Excel I would need to do two pivot tables from incident data extract and staff number data extract, then calculate between the pivot tables. Can Qlik Sense do it?

Another example is I need to group ages in a pivot table so I can visualize the incident rate per age group (15-44, 45-74 etc).

Do you think Qlik Sense can do these from raw data sets uploaded into it? I have done some search but haven't been able to find these functionalities. I guess if QS can do these, I need to know what the functions are called so I can find some tutorials on them.

Thanks in advance for any help!


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Creator III
Creator III

Hi Jade

I would imagine its possible to do everything you require.

If you were to share some data and more detailed requirements on this forum then either myself or someone else would assist in the more technical aspects.

With the calculating off of 2 pivot tables I don't think this will be possible in the same manner, however Qliksense has some advanced aggregation and calculation functions that would probably be able to calculate in a singular table.

With regards to the groupings, this is fairly straightforward, there are a couple of options...

You could either use the 'Class' function where Qliksense does the groupings for you based on the criteria you set or you could load an inline table within the data model to set these groupings.




I think you should be able to do that in Qlik Sense more easily than in Excel. Perhaps you can post some example source files. Dummy data is fine, but it should have the same kind of structure and field names.

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